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Light Up the Mines

Can you imagine yourself in a completely dark environment? It is scary to even think about it, isn’t it? However, brave coal miners were working in such an environment every day! What accompanied them were their lamps – their best friends under the ground that brightened their way, secured their safety, and ensured their work efficiency. There are all kinds of lamps. Do you want to know their functions and features? Let’s follow Uncle Pete in his adventure and learn more about lamps!
It was an ordinary day for Uncle Pete, but something extraordinary happened… Watch the video below to find out!

“This might have been really dangerous,” thought Uncle Pete. “And my dear lamp is ruined, too…”

After the explosion, Uncle Pete passed out. Confused, he started hearing voices in his head…

Can you remember what the voices inside Uncle Pete’s head said? Test your knowledge of mining lamps in the challenge below!

Suddenly, Uncle Pete woke up. By his side, he found a very modern lamp. He quickly recognized it: a petlamp! He was so happy and grateful for the gift.

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