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Kids, meet Saint Barbara!

The patron Saint of miners

Explore the story of the legendary Saint Barbara. Learn about her legend and her meaning for the miners with quizzes, videos, images and a cool 3D model!

Saint Barbara was a guardian angel for mine workers. She is a legendary virgin martyr and the patroness of those who work with explosives!

Saint Barbara has a special meaning for mining culture. People working in the mines of the Limburg region and their families came from different countries and backgrounds. Saint Barbara, however, was there to protect all of them.

Barbara was in every mine and the statues would stand somewhere in a corner so everyone could see them. The statues and crosses were dusted off every morning so they looked nice.

Hans te Wiele
Former Miner
Hans te Wiele

The legend of Saint Barbara

Who is called a Martyr?

A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs.

What belief did Barbara die for?

Barbara was raised as a pagan and later on she converted to Christianity.

Learn more about Saint Barbara with this 3D model

It is super easy to explore this model. Just click on the annotations on the model.

What do you like the most?

What strikes you?

This plaster figure was made for a mining officer, who was a supervisor and manager. It was made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mr. H.J. Reinaerts (1920-1945) who worked at the Oranje-Nassau mine II. The plaster plaque was designed by the sculptor Harry Stump.

3D model created by Akvile Valuntaite

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