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Free Time & Hobbies for Kids

Mining Culture, Free Time & Hobbies for Kids

Hey there! Welcome! Interested in learning more about the mining culture? Here you go!

The mines played a central part in the childhood of kids your age, living in the Limburg region. The fathers were working at the mines, the schools were located close to the mining area and the children played outside within the mining region. Childhood 60 years ago was very different compared to yours. Yet, just as you might like to play sports, games or music, the children and youngsters 60 years ago in the mining region liked the same things.


The Dutch National Mine Museum is located in the Limburg province, in the city of Heerlen. This area was known to be the “hub” of Dutch mining, mainly specialising in coal.


Are you interested in soccer?

In the western mining area, the amateur footbal club Staatsmijn Maurits was named after the mine site in Geleen-Lutterade on 15 June 1926. Later, the club was replaced by the name SV Maurits. Next to Sv Maurits, there was Limburgia – the club was successful, until in 1949 an accident happened and 13 miners lost their lives. Besides, there is also RODA JC Kerkrade, one of the major football clubs of the Limburg region.


How was the family life for the miners?

The miners had a strong sense of community. They usually lived together in the same area, in similar houses. Animals were very important for the families, therefore many miners kept pigs and chickens. They also used their gardens to grow fruits and vegetables. After their shifts the miners took a nap and the children played outside to not disturb them.

Music & Celebration

Do you play an instrument?

Music meant a lot for the miners. Listening to music and making music relaxed the miners and was a lot of fun too. Mining bands and small orchestra often played during ceremonies or miners’ events. Playing music in a club was a common hobby. But it was not only about making music. Going to rock’n’roll festivals was also becoming very popular – especially for teenagers. 




Watch the Video below

For learning more about the hobbys and free time activities of the miners, check out the video below. Hope you enjoy it!

The Card Game

The quartet game was published around 1980 as a souvenir. The game shows pictures from the Limburg mines. In a quartet game, the aim is to collect four cards of the same set, a complete quartet. The player with the most quartets collected wins the game. The money raised from this game was intended as a contribution to the miners who suffered from silicosis – lungs of dust. Silicosis is a lung disease caused by breathing in dust that contains silica. This is a small crystal found in sand, rock, or coal. Miners working underground are thus particularly at risk. Over time, silica builds up in the lungs and breathing passages. This causes difficulty breathing and coughing and later chest pain and weight loss. The illness can show up years or decades after the exposure.

3D model created by Anne Funcke

Ready for some games? Let’s play!

Find matching cards.

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