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A Day in the Mine

Explore with Charlie

Learn about how a day in the mine looked like!

In this video, a former miner named Charlie will take you on an exploration of the daily schedule of a miner compared to the one of a young student like you.

Timeline in the mine

What were the everyday tasks for miners? How did they spend their time in the mine? See the timeline for detailed information.

The tools in the mine

Miner's Locker

As soon as they arrived, the miners changed into their uniform.

Lamp Charger

At the end of the shift, the miners placed their lamps to charge them for the next day.

Water Bottle

During breaks the miner could sip some fresh water from their aluminium or iron water bottle.


The shovel was used to move the scattered pieces of coal on the wagon

Explore the different tools used by the miners during the different parts of the day.

Tobacco Box

During breaks the miners could chew some tobacco.


The tool was used to break the stones into many coal pieces.


At the end of the day, the miners needed to wash the dirt from their faces.

Dust Mask

It was an essential part of the uniform since it protected the lungs from the dust during the mining process.

Time to play!

Test what you have learned so far with these interactive games

Now you have learn something about the tools used by the miners in the different parts of the shift.

Try to match the corresponding images to the item the miners used.

Can you remember what you have learned from the Timetable above?

Test your knowledge on the time arrangements in the mine!

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