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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

On this page learn more about the health issues faced by the miners as well as the safety measures taken down there.

Many things could impact a man’s health and well-being down in the mines. If a miner did no get injuries while working, he would probably suffer from hearing loss because of the machines’ noise, arthrosis due to the uncomfortable positions they worked in, and lung cancer or tuberculosis because of the coal dust. The health consequences could be very much permanent and impact the rest of their life. On this page, learn more about these impacts on the miners’ lives.

Digging and breaking the ground in order to retrieve coal inevitably involves accident’s risks. Not only miners had to be extremely careful regarding what they were doing each step of the way, but they also were always prepared to intervene in case an accident happened. This page will have you go through the various safety measures that were implemented in the mines. These measures intended to prevent accidents from happening. However, they were not all inevitable. Therefore, the rescue procedure that they were trained for needed to be successfully conducted. We will then also talk about the overall rescue process underground.

The coal mining industry has the highest accident frequency rate of any industry. Specifically underground coal mining results in dangerous situations and has the highest rate of injuries and fatal accidents in the mining sector. The mines in Limburg suffered from tough and unsafe work circumstances as well and sadly encountered many accidents. On this page, background information on accidents in the mine is provided as well as more information on the two biggest accidents in the mining industry of Limburg.

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