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Branding & Corporate

At the intersection of mining and branding

In this section, you can find more information related to branding and visual communications, as well as their purpose and meaning in the context of the mining industry and culture in South Limburg. 

But what is branding? Branding is a term used predominantly in marketing and communications, and refers to the process of creating meaning to a specific organization or company by shaping a brand or an identity in the mind of the consumer (Andrivet, n.d.). Drawing from this definition, the purpose of this site is to present you with various objects and artifacts from the time of the flourishing mining community in South Limburg. 

Signs showcasing the branding of the William-Sophia and Laura mines and other wall-mounted posters and visual

Why branding?

Studying branding and its visual language can give us insights into what mining companies wanted consumers to think and feel about mining. Did companies want to advertise mining products, or did they target future miners to come work in the mines? 

Today, advertising costs a lot of resources. Was this the same during the mining era, and what can the answer tell us about the general perception of mining in the Netherlands? We will take a look at the development of branding, analyse visuals, and provide insights from former miners and mining experts.

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