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Saint Barbara

Meet Saint Barbara

Less than 50 years ago, all mines were closed in the Dutch region of Limburg. Back in the days, if you were a miner, Saint Barbara would have sheltered you from the dangers of your profession. For many centuries, Saint Barbara is known worldwide as the patron saint of professionals working with explosives, from artillerymen to gunsmiths. This section of the website will explore the history, the legend, and the symbolism of Saint Barbara, as well as provide a representative sample of statues from the Nederlands Mijnmuseum in 3D.

The cultural artifacts of the Nederlands Mijnmuseum

This is a gallery of some of the cultural objects of Saint Barbara that are displayed at the Nederlands Mijnmuseum. For instance, the first image shows a wooden statue of Saint Barbara, currently displayed at the museum. It is placed right next to the elevator that took the miners deep underground. The artifacts shown are only examples that characterize the significance of Saint Barbara within the mining culture.

Except for the tile, all objects can be visited in 3D. Discover the models and the narrative around them in our subpages Saint Barbara Across History and The Meaning of Saint Barbara.

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