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The Collection

Below you can find a compilation of the different themes of the collection. Each of the themes consists of multi-modalities, which form a rich narrative filled with intriguing stories and 3D models. This way you can explore the untold stories of the Dutch mining history in a unique and immersive way. Enjoy!


In this section you can explore Saint Barbara, the patroness of miners. Delve into the history of the saint, discover her legend and learn about the symbolic meaning of Saint Barbara for mining culture.

Branding & Corporate

This section is dedicated to the stories, meaning, and historic knowledge that can be extracted from the branding and visual communication of the mines in Limburg and the companies that owned them.


In this section you will learn about the different ways of communication underground back in the days. Since the miners faced different challenges due to the circumstances in the mines, various audio as well as visual communication systems were vital.

Daily Life

What would happen during a regular day at the mine? In this section you will find out what the different phases of the workday were and what miners did in their specific time slots. You will learn what happened before the shift started, what miners did at work, during their breaks and at the end of their shift.

Health & Safety

This section will guide you through the health and safety of those who dedicated their lives to the mines in Limburg. You will have a chance to read about accidents that happened and how people dealt with emergencies.

Mining Culture

After a hard day of working underground, miners liked to spend time with their families and pursue their hobbies. Popular pastimes were football and wind music bands. These also contributed to the feeling of camaraderie among the miners.


For many generations, lamps have been indispensable tools for safety and efficiency of coal miners. Learn about the safety evolution of mining lamps over time and their role in the lives of the miners.

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