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Introduction to Coal and Coal Mining

Coal has played an important part in human history. This black rock has both built up nations and felled them. In some places, such as in Limburg, coal and coal mining were the lifeblood of the region, providing not only jobs but also community to the people involved. But why is coal so important? What does it do? How is it formed? Is coal mining really all that it is imagined to be? 


To understand the importance of preserving the history of coal mining, it is first key to know the significance of coal and coal mining in the region. A brief introduction to these basics can be found within this section.


Explore and learn about the history of coal mining in the Netherlands, what coal is, how mining works, and the closing of the mines! Click the buttons below to check out each topic!

What is coal? How is it formed? Why is it important? What is it used for? All of that and more can be found in this section.

Oranje Nassau Mijn

The rise and fall of coal mining in the Netherlands. Focuses particularly on the Limburg region.

There is more to coal mines and coal mining than simply black dust and dark tunnels. A lot more is involved than people think!

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Dismantling Mines

See visually the aftermath of the closing of mines and other interesting statistics associated with this.

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