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The Project

Our Aim

Our goal with this digital collection is to shed light on the stories of the mining history. This project includes facets of people’s lives, illustrated through the artefacts and contextualizations of these artefacts. In this way, we are also able to raise public awareness of mining in the Netherlands, both to those who may want to learn more before or after their visit to the Mijnmuseum and for those who may not be able to visit in person.

This project allows for greater accessibility and participation beyond the museum walls. Through the 3D models on this website, we aim to create new and fresh perspectives on these cultural artefacts as well as offer new ways of experiencing these. With this platform, we want to reach existing and new public audiences for the purpose of enrichment and education.


The artefacts from the museum were digitized in 3D using photogrammetry (structure from motion). The datasets were then processed using Agisoft Metashape, a computational software.


Photogrammetry is the science of deriving measurements from digital photographs. With photogrammetry we can measure the orientation of the camera, the location of the object, recognize the object, and interpret the content of an image. Structure from motion, which was used in this project, is a photogrammetric technique that combines the accuracy of photogrammetry with the shape recognition and modelling that computational software provides.

Processing Software

Agisoft Metashape is a software that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data that can be used in cultural heritage documentation. In the software, we aligned the image dataset, created the dense cloud, and eventually the rendered textures of the 3D models.

Online 3D Repository

The digitized objects were uploaded on Sketchfab, an online repository for 3D models. Sketchfab allows for the contextualisation and annotation of the 3D objects. This does not only provide new knowledge about the objects, but also gives users the ability to experience Dutch mining history through a multimodal form of communication.


This digital collection was created as part of a class project for the ‘Creating Digital Collections’ course from the MA Media Studies: Digital Cultures at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Maastricht University.

The student creators of this project are:

Anna Bashuk, Aniek van den Brandt, Mia van der Burgt, Nora Chatib, Minro Chien, Emilia Chmielowska, Jacopo Corbelli, Paulo De Queiroz Golovattei, Inés Flor García, Ksenia Frydrych, Anne Funcke, Fabiënne Gerono, Theresa Geulen, Elena Giordano, Dou Hu, Ruqin Hu, Anna Ivanova, Esther Kamara, Armağan Çağlar Kara, Yuen Fei Li, Thiago Minete Cardozo, Steph Ochiel, Ilse Palmaers, Marie Piette, Laura Plum, Pincanny Poluan, Debbie Schlenger, Huilin Shi, Angel Shoylev, Julia Storch, Quinten Tolboom, Akvilė Valuntaite, Julia Weber, Fee Lucie Wiegandt, Inna Zabanova, Shuqing Zhang

Ontdek meer op de website van het Nederlands Mijnmuseum.

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