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A Thank You

Below you will find a detailed explanation and a list of the contributors to this project. Without the help of these parties, a project of this magnitude would have been near impossible.


This project could not have been completed without the help of staff and volunteers from the Nederlands Mijnmuseum. A special thanks goes to Simone Claessens, who helped organize the visiting tour and interviews, as well as provided an opportunity and space for us to document the mining objects. We would like to thank Fons Bus for his extraordinary support in the process of creating 3D objects and interviews. Our gratitude also goes to Hans te Wiele and Nico Maar, who accepted our invitations to do the interviews and gave us a deeper understanding of a miner’s work and life. We would also like to thank Professor Schreibman for her expert advice and encouragement during this project, as well as Assistant Professor Costas Papadopoulos for his brilliant and patient guidance throughout the process of creating digital collections and the website.

Of course a special thank you goes out to the the students from MA Media Studies: Digital Cultures at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Maastricht University. From designing the website to uploading and editing content within six weeks, they have worked tremendously hard on this project. Here they are:

Anna Bashuk, Aniek van den Brandt, Mia van der Burgt, Nora Chatib, Minro Chien, Emilia Chmielowska, Jacopo Corbelli, Paulo De Queiroz Golovattei, Inés Flor García, Ksenia Frydrych, Anne Funcke, Fabiënne Gerono, Theresa Geulen, Elena Giordano, Dou Hu, Ruqin Hu, Anna Ivanova, Esther Kamara, Armağan Çağlar Kara, Yuen Fei Li, Thiago Minete Cardozo, Steph Ochiel, Ilse Palmaers, Marie Piette, Laura Plum, Pincanny Poluan, Debbie Schlenger, Huilin Shi, Angel Shoylev, Julia Storch, Quinten Tolboom, Akvilė Valuntaite, Julia Weber, Fee Lucie Wiegandt, Inna Zabanova, Shuqing Zhang

Lastly, we would like to thank the following people and other platforms that have helped us develop this website. Without their contributions, this would not have been possible so thank you!

People: Charlie Derks, Kevin Raetsen, Ronald van Buuren and his wife, Leny Thelen

Platforms: Nederlands Mijnmuseum,, Sketchfab, PowToon, Wikimedia Commons,


We have also dedicated a page to our references. To learn more about the mining history and mining culture in the Netherlands, here you can find more information in the bibliography page. Click the button below to view the page.

Ontdek meer op de website van het Nederlands Mijnmuseum.

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