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A Project

This platform was created as a way to showcase and highlight some of the untold stories of the Dutch coal mines, which were located in the Limburg Province. It is a part of our class project in the MA Digital Cultures course ‘Creating Digital Collections’ at Maastricht University .


A Story

We came across a common issue, one that was highlighted by our class trip to the museum. The narratives and experiences of the coal mines seemed to be of something from the past, something that the local, younger generations were not fully aware of. As coal mining was such a crucial part to Limburg in the 20th century, we wanted shed light on its history and come to terms with its impact – that often goes unnoticed. Each of the seven themes act as a chapter of this overarching narrative and these themes range from illustrating the health and safety precautions underground, to showcasing the religious patroness Saint Barbara. By doing so, we hope you can continue to see the larger picture of the Dutch coal mines.


A New World

We truly hope that by exploring our site, you will discover a world of mining unbeknownst to yourself. We hope to bring more attention to not only an industry, but to the people, the lifestyle, the objects and the stories that are often forgotten, despite having played a significant role in the fortunes of the South of the Netherlands


Ontdek meer op de website van het Nederlands Mijnmuseum.

Hebt U vragen over het museum, deze website, over het project van de Universiteit van Maastricht of een andere vraag, stuur dan even een bericht.